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What do people say about Ras?

What My Clients Have to Say...

When I started working with Ras, my main goal was to get out of what I was doing every day as a full-time project manager. This was consuming my life as I was also the general manager of the company. We’d grown to 150 people with multiple managers and I wasn’t doing a great job of managing anybody nor was I being a great project manager. My whole identity had been wrapped up in being the best project manager in town but I knew I couldn’t do that forever and I needed to get out of it to continue to build the company.

So despite my protests, Ras convinced me that we could structure things to get me out of my role and we immediately identified and facilitated the training for my replacement. Ras worked with him to do everything necessary to ensure a smooth transition where they could take over my files despite the fact that I thought I was the only person who could do everything.

This allowed me to start working with my managers and “work ON the business” as they say, which is cliche but it was very important for me to stop being the producer for the business and start working on the business. This allowed us to grow from 1 office doing $20M annual sales to 5 offices doing $60M annual sales, subsequently, the company has done very well.

But without Ras, I would never have gotten over that hump and I suspect many people don’t get over that hump. For most people, the biggest struggle when you’re in business and you founded the company is to take it to the next level and realize you have to shift how you see yourself to get there.

Ras is a very strategic thinker, he set up every group in the company to manage itself which played a huge part in making me feel secure, I’ve never seen anybody do that and it was brilliant.

There are many things that I could talk about that he brought to the company about mindfulness and how we approach things with physical health and taking care of the whole body, mind and spirit. It’s always about the outcome, so the outcome for me was that I achieved the things I needed to achieve therefore the company achieved the things that the company wanted to achieve and I attribute that entirely to Ras.

Ras is incredibly knowledgeable and a powerful thought leader in the space of mindfulness and leadership coaching. I have been working with Ras for over a year now and have seen incredible shifts and changes in how I approach work and life that have benefitted and helped me thrive. Through mindfulness leadership coaching he supported me in developing action plans that were tangible and made a meaningful impact. Thank you for all your support and I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Ayesha Howitt

Director of DEIR Programs

Vancity Credit Union

Through his expert guidance and facilitation, Ras helped our team tap into their inner wisdom and discover new ways of communicating and collaborating with one another. 

His breathwork sessions are transformative and deeply healing, and his team-building exercises are fun and engaging.

I grew up in a family business where I was responsible for managing projects and people. When I purchased the business and moved from the shop floor to the office, it became abundantly clear that I need an outside perspective. Not just about my people and the business structure.
Ras seems to understand several aspects of successful business strategy and certainly has a gift when it comes to developing communications and culture. I soon learned that difficult and persistent issues could be funneled into smaller, specific, and actionable pieces.
I would recommend High Level Think to businesses navigating difficult staffing or business planning issues.

Difficult HR matters are sometimes better investigated by an independent third party.  Ras Contractor was professional and easy to work with throughout the process.  Our staff quickly warmed up to Ras which allowed him to provide our company with honest and valuable insight into the issues at hand.  Ras is a self-starter and a close partner through each step of the process.  He provided practical recommendations to navigate the situation which were followed and resulted in an improvement in the culture within the branch office.  Ras has an open and clear style of communication and went out of his way to make himself available on short notice to cater to our needs.  The experience as a whole was positive and did not have any surprises.  We would not have been able to get to the same outcome without his support.  I would definitely recommend High Level Think to others who are looking for management consulting or special project support.

At the time that I started working with Ras, my team was one that was in transition, and it was not working effectively and lacked a clear vision and plan.I love Ras' approach to team and leadership coaching. In addition to being very approachable and hands-on, he quickly established trust and credibility with my team members. There were some key personnel issues that we had to overcome, not only logistically in terms of filling specific roles, but also in managing the change and shift in culture. Since working with Ras, our company and team culture has never been stronger. There is now a culture of radical transparency, where every team member is empowered to be change makers to help drive the business forward. 

Rather than adopting a top-down leadership approach, he empowers team members to actively help make decisions for the company. Ras doesn't necessarily adopt a single leadership or coaching style, but rather, he adapts his style based on various methodologies to suit the organization, team, and the individuals within it. The experience has been radically transformative for me, my company, and my team members. Working with Ras has renewed my optimism as a business owner, who is continually learning how to become a better leader with every passing day. Yes, I would recommend Ras without hesitation, specifically to other marketing/PR agency owners, who may face similar challenges or opportunities.

Ras is resourceful and knowledgeable. His guidance helped me stay focused and on track with my priorities to advance my business to the next level.  I would recommend his services to any entrepreneur who needs a professional analysis of the efficiency of their business operations. He is able to devise strategies to produce the most effective solution(s) to grow your business. Thank you for being a part of our success!

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