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About Me

The Renaissance Man

Let's start off with some information about my background and training...

  • B.A.Sc Mechanical Engineering (Co-op) from UBC

  • Level 1 Coaching from Essential Impact

  • 8 years in Manufacturing (Engineering and Program Management)

  • 20 years working with Business Leaders

  • Countless hours of Manual Therapy (RMT, Visceral Therapy, Athletic Therapy, Physiotherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Acupuncture, Chiropractic) working to improve the psychological and athletic function of my body

  • Countless hours studying and applying new and old information on the body, the breath, mindfulness, psychology, high performance, business systems

  • Entrepreneurial Background in Manufacturing, Nightlife, Recreational Sports, Casinos, Leadership Development, Team Building, Business Strategy, Psychology and Trauma, Philosophy and History, Finance and Markets, Health and Wellness


Now the fun part...

I was born in North Vancouver, BC, Canada, and my family moved to Nairobi, Kenya when I was 5. We came back to Richmond, BC, Canada when I was 15. After high school, I studied Mechanical Engineering and then set off on an engineering career. Seems like a comfortable story right?

Well, there's more to the story.

At UBC I worked as a student engineer with HVAC, Manufacturing, and Groundwater monitoring companies. After completing the B.A.Sc in Mechanical Engineering, I worked with the Groundwater company before transitioning back into manufacturing (EMS contract space) as a Product Engineer. From 2006-2011 I worked as an engineer, promoted concerts, and ran a recreational sports company. In 2011 I transitioned into Program Management at the same company, where I started learning about business systems, finance, leadership development, and account management.

In 2013 I decided to go out on my own and work with existing businesses through strategic team building having the opportunity to work with clients of many sizes and industries. Together, we improved their business systems, leadership development, culture, and profitability. I have had the opportunity to dive deep into trauma, longevity, health and wellness, and the stock market, and enjoy sharing my findings with curious self-learners and experimenters.

My life has been an adventure that allowed me to experience being a model, actor, nightclub promoter, server, bartender, engineer, program manager, blackjack & poker player, sports & stock market savant, coach, and consultant.

Through some of the darkest physical, mental, and emotional moments, I've been able to find a path forward. This is because of my longstanding commitment to mental and physical health.

I was exposed to Yoga & Music as a child, I played sports my whole life, I started lifting weights consistently at 15 and I've been fasting and ice bathing for the past 15 years.

Health and Wellness has always played an important role in my life. We live in an exciting time where we get to combine the advances in longevity and body-hacking with the oldest trick in the book...mindfulness. The recipe to work through anything is right at your fingertips.

Together, let's figure out exactly how to get from where you are to where you want to be because there's no reason to settle. If there's something you're working towards, any additional support will move you forward much faster. I will move you forward in every area of your life much quicker than anyone else. Take me up on that challenge, absolutely risk-free.

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